For Benton

A large part of the Foundation’s work is in community leadership. As a non-governmental entity, we can serve as a neutral convener in our community. Often we are involved in and/or leading local collaborations to address needs and opportunities in our community.

Benton County College Success Coalition

Established in late 2012, the Coalition is a group of over 30 local organizations that are committed to helping our families plan, prepare, and pay for post-secondary success. As part of a statewide initiative to increase college attainment rates, the Coalition has five primary focus areas…Read More

The Princess Ball

Princess Jasmine, street urchin named Aladdin, pet monkey named Abu, a lamp, a magic carpet, and a Genie who grants wishes!!  Benton Community Foundation volunteers had set the stage for a magical night for the Princess Ball. No Ball is complete without a Queen….what surprise when Benton County Fair Queen and her court appeared. They were surrounded all night by the young girls who came to the Ball, escorted by the special men in their life. In total, nearly 250 attendees gathered at the Otterbein United Methodist Church!…Read More