Established in late 2012, the Coalition is a group of over 30 local organizations that are committed to helping our families plan, prepare, and pay for post-secondary success. As part of a statewide initiative to increase college attainment rates, the Coalition has five primary focus areas:

  1. FAFSA (Federal Application for Federal Student Aid) Completion
    • FAFSA Day
  2. Century Scholar Enrollment/Success
    • 21st Century Scholar Induction Ceremony
  3. Increased awareness of high-quality certificate programs offered in this region
  4. Connecting families to resources to prepare for college success.
  5. Encourage families to save for college and utilize tax-advantaged tools like the College Choice 529 plans.

Coalition Mini-Grants

Registered members are eligible to apply for mini-grants, of up to $250, to support college success activities.